Reality's Requiem

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Yesterday was a normal average day, just like any other. Millions of people going about their repetative, mundane lives. For you, the day seemed odd. Although everything happened just the same as always, you kept getting distracted in your own head. You found youself staring off into space upon more than one occasion. Chalking it up to stress, you went to bed. Your dreams were chaotic, bits and flashes from a hundred memories.

Ripped from the dream, you awaken. The ground below you is unfamiliar, the place you're in pitch black. The cold of the stone below you begins to seep through your clothing. As you move to sit up, you realize something: your body isn't as you remember it. Apparently, in addition to waking up in an unknown place, your body has changed. You try and call out, but your voice has changed as well, matching your new body.The night sky was full of stars, the moon a mere sliver in the sky. The hood of my car was still warm from my drive as I laid on it. It was there under the sky that I fall asleep. My dreams were chaotic and disjointed, but I can't remember anything else about them. All I remember is waking up, and I most certainly wasn't on the hood of my car anymore.

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