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Of Blood and Shadows takes place in North River, Oregon. The fictional city is about the size of Portland, located about halfway between Medford and Eugene, off of U.S. Interstate 5 and Highway 42. It is a city of some 500,000, with a healthy 1.5 million in the greater metropolitan area. The town centers around Sunset Bay, a healthy urban center that looks to be a hybrid of Downtown L.A. and Seattle. Suburbs sprawl east and north, towards Eugene, while the south end of the city consists of run-down housing projects and the remains of once-great night clubs, earning the area the collective name "The Downs," and a reputation for crime and lawlessness.

This is an incredibly brief introduction. A full history and setting writeup will be ready soon.

If you would like to look up the area for yourself on Google Maps, imagine it is built on roughly the same spot as the real-world cities of North Bend and Coos Bay, extending all the way to Port Orford and Powers in the south, and Reedsport and Scottsburg in the North, forming a sort of "sister city" to Portland of roughly equivalent size.Shadows run deep in this world. Deeper than any mortal would care to acknowledge. Deep as the soul.

Blood flows thick, like a river that bears thoughts and dreams unfeelingly into the drains of the streets. A crimson Styx that throws mortality into stark contrast against an uncaring world.

And among the Blood and Shadows, the undead children of that emotionless world make their home. The world is theirs by night. What they will they make of it? Will they revel in its cold caress? Will they try to bring light that they can never enjoy to those who may? Or will they simply find it enough to bask forever in the empty embrace of darkness?

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