Spycraft 20: World on Fire, Operation Flashstrike

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Game Information
  • Created Jan 21 '08
  • Last Post Sep 1 '08 at 3:15pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

Character creation:

Level 9, standard rules. All non-supernatural supplements are allowed. As you can guess, this will be a heavily squad based combat and stealth themed campaign. Characters should be created with this in mind.

Campaign qualities: Allegiance (from World on Fire), Big Budget (wealth only), Bloodbath, Clandestine, Faction, Fast Proficiencies, Hostile Wilds (from WoF), Mercenary, Modular, Paranoid, TensePresent day
32,000 feet above sea level
Somewhere above the South China Sea

You are members of an elite team of Pitfall Silencers, the best commandos in the business. For the last few years, you’ve been involved with Pitfall’s assault operations against terrorist organizations and what your superiors have been calling terrorist organizations. It’s an ugly, dirty business, and more than once you’ve wondered whether you’re on the right side. Sometimes, good people go down with the terrorists, and orders often emphasize eliminating hostiles over preserving innocent lives, relying on Sax’s media cleanup crews to sort out any problems.

However, despite these doubts, you and your team are some of the best Silencers in Pitfall, making you among the most elite soldiers on the planet. The risks are correspondingly high, your team and the others on your level always pull the most dangerous and high profile assignments. You’ve raided terrorist cells in cities, countryside, deserts, jungles and, in one unique case, three quarters of the way up Mount Everest.

At the present moment, your team and about eighteen other silencers are in a Pharaoh Class transport plane; one of Pitfall’s most advanced stealth transports. You took off from the USS Thomas Jefferson, a Ford class supercarrier, forty five minutes previously, and have been cruising steadily towards an unknown destination. Most of this time has been spent going over gear, and speculating with your buddies as to what the hell is going on.

Your mission has yet to be revealed. Your commanding officer, Major William ‘Blackout’ Thorne, has steadfastly refused to answer any questions, merely saying that the assignment is top security, and the briefing will be given once the final go ahead for the mission is received.

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