Expedition to the DemonWeb Pits

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This adventure takes pc's from the planer city of Sigil to the darkest corners of the Outer Planes, gathering resources to battle the forces of Lolth. The pc's must navigate a carefully spun web of treachery and deceit to reach the violent heart of Lolth's domain and put an end to her sinister dreams of conquest. An adventure beginning at 9th Level and possibly advancing through to 12th.In the heart of the Demonweb, Lolth surveyed the Grand Council Chamber and the Demon Lords assembled by her invitation. Throaty-growls indicated a despute among Yeenoghu's pack. Obox-Ob's insect swarms chittered while Demogorgon ranted from the central platform.

The other emissaries seemed restless. Across the hall, Graz'zt met Lolth's gaze and smiled. The demon queen shivered with a tingle of foreboding.

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