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Built inside the mouth of a dormant volcano, the town of Cauldron is aptly named. In general, life in Cauldron is good. The town guard deals with local troublemakes but leaves teh bigger problems (like marauding monsters) to the Lord Mayor or the Church of St. Cuthbert. Both the Lord Mayor and the clerics of St. Cuthbert periodically hire adventurers to deal with such problems directly. This is where you come in."What's there to say about Cauldron? Takes a special sort to live his life in the mouth of a dead volcano. Just like every place else, you got the haves and the have nots. Just happens to be easier to see the difference here in Cauldron than other places. Here, if you're up on the rim, you got a good life. You're down at the bottom near the lake, you're bustin' your hump to put bread on the table and trying to stay out of the filth while you're doin' it.

Welcome to Cauldron."

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