Spirit of the Century

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Game Information
  • Created Mar 10 '08
  • Last Post Apr 8 '15 at 5:43am
  • Status Complete
  • System Fate/Fudge

Game Description

The roaring twenties; the Great War has ended, America is in the beginning of a booming economy, and prohibition is in full swing. It is a time of great potential, a time of peril, a time for Heroes! Do you have what it takes to stand up against the machinations of Dr. Methuselah, the gorilla genius Gorilla Kahn, or even the storm of peril from Der Bliztman?!

This game begins on January 1st, 1922. It is your 21st birthday and a time for celebration. You are a member of the Century Club, an organization of forward thinking individuals dedicated to the protection of humanity. Only you and your companions have the great skill and dedication necessary to defend humanity! Will you triumph over the shadowy peril of nefarious villains or fall to defeat at the hands of madmen? Only you have the power to shape your own destiny and the destiny of the nation itself!

This game begins in Washington D.C., at the headquarters of the Century Club. From there you will battle villains and stop nefarious plots at breakneck speed! Only your combined talents and grit will win the day!The Great War is over, and the world is a darker place, rippling under the surface with unseen dangers – dangers few are even aware of. In the skies over Europe, Doctor Methuselah’s fleet of time-zepplins assemble to rip open a path to a future that never should be. The deadly Gorilla Khan stalks darkest Africa from his throne in conquered Atlantis, pledging the destruction of the human race. All over the globe, dark shadows grasp towards the hearts of the brave, their every intent to silence the hope of a new century struggling to survive.

One organization stands in their way: The Century Club!

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