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The city of Scornubel is a bustling trade city, with various levels of intrigue and petty politics. Legend tells that the city is built over a crypt of ancient Netheril. Though it is not the scale of Waterdeep, Scornubel is a busy city, heavily trafficked from its placement along two major trade routes of the Sword Coast.

A burgeoning thieves guild has recently upset the balance of powers in the city, and unrest from a local miners guild has put the city guard off balance.

A local historian has lost an artifact said to link to ancient Netheril, and has hired the group to investigate. The thieves guild, and the miners guild are suspect, since either could have been been behind the theft.The adventurers arrive from their varied destinations to and find a warrant posted in a local tavern, for the arrest of one Hrethel Tonn, the outspoken foreman of a local miners guild. Investigating the warrant, they find a historian and collector of antiquities, who posted the warrant seeking a troupe of adventurers to collect a lost artifact.

City intrigue and power politics await the players as they are investigate the warring factions within the city of Scornubel. Each racing to lay claim to the the ancient crypts, and the riches and wonders rumored to lie within.

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