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War has been brewing over the last decade, and tonight it has come to it's boiling point. The stage is set for an epic battle that will change the world forever.

The Gods have had their hands in this since the beginning, but will they act like Gods when the time comes, or spoiled children that don't get their way? Some may join the fight, others will defy their brethren, and still others will be absent through it all.

Where were you the day the civilized world was tested?The midnight sky is calm and peaceful, a harsh contrast to the scene below. Men hurry to their posts, others don their armor, and the few citizens that are left on the streets board up their doors and windows in preparation of what will undoubtedly come.

Izrealth, the Crystal City; with it's large stone buildings and temple steeples that reach the stars themselves, is under attack. The Gods of darkness and evil have called upon their minions to destroy the one true beakon of civilization, light, and above all: hope. The Gods of Good have not abandoned their own, they too have called out for their worshippers to help defend the great city and their temples.

You; the archer on the ramparts.
You; the foot soldier behind the closed gate.
You; the priest inside his temple.
You; the late arrival, stuck between the walls and the horde.

You are in control of your world's destiny.

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