Game Description

Acacea is a homebrew setting of my creation, where wars are started over as little as a difference in race, or as much as religion, money, or politics. Where the politicians are as often a puppet for some rich Lord or Church, as they are honest. A world where the balance of power can shift at a moments notice, and a few days can break a mans spirit into nothing, or turn him into the most renown man known.

There is only one question, "How will you survive?"

The edges of your lips begin to curl as your master hands you the graduation token. He smiles as he speaks, "Go into the world and prosper, take my blessing with you." You incline your head slightly to show respect for the one who taught you to survive, and step back to the row of other graduates to wait for the end of the ceremony. One thing still lingers on your mind. Your master asked you a simple question the day before, "Return to me in a year, and tell me. How will you survive?"

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