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A playthrough of the WotC-published adventures Chimes at Midnight, Quoth the Raven, andHell's Heart."Aright, keep this thing moving," the watchman called, eyes straight ahead on the crowd parting before the prison wagon. From within, chains clanked and curses were spat in every tongue known on Khorvaire, and a few that weren't.

The watchman paused for a moment to scowl at a rough-looking halfling that had come too close to the wagon. "Clear off, you!"

He turned back, and watched, horrified, as an arm reached out and unlocked one of the cages. His hand went for his whistle, but a grimy hand reached out from the oversized carriage next to him and grabbed him. The life was gone from him in seconds, his whistle dropping to the ground with a tiny clink.

The panic engulfed the market in seconds.

High above, a figure slipped a pocketwatch away discreetly. "Two minutes early. That boy must learn patience if I am to succeed." It retrieved a cane from where it rested on a statue worn faceless by the elements, and disappeared into the vast, fleeing crowd.

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