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  • Created Apr 29 '08
  • Last Post Jun 12 '08 at 7:05pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

The Traitor Games. This will be the thread where all the traitor games, assuming people like the first one and a second is made. It probably will be.As all the games will have different plots, here's an overview of the game as a whole:
What is the Traitor Game?
The Traitor Game is a game of lying a deceit. One player in the group is secretly two "Traitors", another an "Agent", everyone else has no special role.

How do you play?
Every round (normally 3-4 days) the Traitors kills someone. They send a PM of who they want to kill and how to me, and I announce it. (they will decide this amongst themselves through AIM, PMs, etc) The Agent can also PM me a guess of who they think the Traitor is, and I'll PM them if they are right or not. You MAY NOT reveal your role to ANYONE.

Each round a player may vote once. Traitors and Agents vote as well.You vote for who you think the Traitor is. Person with the most votes at the end gets voted off.

How do I win?
Traitors- Kill everyone but 2 other players.
Agents/Everyone else- Vote out both Traitors.

This is not like D&D. No character sheet. No stats. Nothing.

Instead you play an already famous character, from comics, tv, video games, anime, whatever you want.

What can I do in the game?
Each round you may interact with everyone else there. This is an RPing game. You should act in character. You can make friends, make enemies, fight (can't kill anyone though), etc. Anything your character would be able to do.

I'm interested. How do I sign up?
Just post interest in here and who you will be playing/what they are from. Ex: I'd like to play as Mr. Fantastic from Marvel Comics. I will PM players with their role when the game begins.

Where can I see an example of this game?

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