The Life Crystals

Game Description

This is a homebrew Dnd 3.5. You are heroes that are called upon to save the world. You must find the 6 life crystals or the world you live in is doomed.At the beginning six great deities created balance in the world by making the six life crystals, each representing something different. They are: the light crystal (white), the dark crystal (black), the earth crystal (green), the air crystal (clear), the fire crystal (red), and the water crystal (blue). There is one crystal on each continent and is guarded by divinely appointed guardians. Each generation has watched over the crystals with great care.

But now, the crystals have been lost. In one night of eerie darkness that seemed to be intelligent, all six crystals dissapeared. The guardians were horrified. The very next day, the master guardian of each temple recieved a divine vision from their deities'. The chosen ones are then contacted and taken to the first temple, the temple of light.

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