A New Start

Game Description

A new DM and new players, setting off into a world of adventure. Live life to your fullest and never look back! I want maybe 4-6 players in an ongoing adventuring campaign. Try to post at least 1day/min. If you can't, then let us know so we don't try to replace you after a long bit of inactivity. If I can't DM, then I'll let y'all know as well. Anyone who wants to apply will do so here. If y'all want to coordinate who is filling what roles, or what spells whoever gets, or if you want to make your backstories match, then post it here.

I want:
- A Level 1 fully completed character sheet
- A backstory of at least 5 lines.

I will post when all of the spots have been filled.Live life to your fullest and never look back!

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