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A beautiful song fills the air and you find yourself staring at the celing of your tent. The dawncallers are calling, and the whole tribe awnsers.

You quickly get up and dress up and soon after you're taking your morning meal with the rest of your family. The meal is plentifull for the early Autum season has been bountyfull so far. You finish your meal and head to the central area of the tribe's camp.

You wonder if today you'll get your chance to be captain of a team. Like you 3 other young goliaths quickly arrive at the meeting area, followed by other more seasoned tribe members. Just as Malekuu Muaemaluthekothea, the tribe's chieftian starts to choose captains, Vathav Atheamaleake the tribe's Skywatcher makes a gesture for you to approach, you don't want to miss out the chance at being picked for captain, but oddly enough Malekuu gestures for you to go to Vathav. You and the 3 other youths go to him and as you do the majority of the tribe members that are gathering around smile.

You can't help but wonder what's going on.....

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