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You are all goblins who are seen as 'up-and-comers' in the tribe. The current leader, Rotfang, is a goblin of great strength and size, but one who balances his greed and power with making sure the tribe lives and is strong. When word of the outlanders arrived, he decided on you specifically to go investigate. Either your skills help the tribe survive this new threat, or you're killed off, thus eliminating potential rivals. it's a win-win situation for Rotfang.Life in the Gornash tribe is typical of most other groups og gobins in existance: full of hard work, strife, danger; life pretty much tries to stamp them out of existence. Its location helped its survival: a grove of giant trees on an island that is sparsely populated. Survival of the fittest is the law in Gornash. Mortality is high as individuals do everything in their power to gain for themselves. But when danger threatens the whole, then entire population immediately bands together and fights as one.

Every day brings something new, whether it's a trading group of kobolds from their own monolithic lair, a raiding band of ogres seeking to lay waste to the "small ones", or a herd of capybara which brings out goblin hunters. Life is never still inside the great trees.

And then, word of something new on the island: A new group has appeared on the shores. Settlers from across the water have come, have erected a small town, and are even now beginning to expand. The elders knows of these people, know what has happened to tribes in those lands whence they came... and know they need to do something about it.

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