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  • Created May 21 '08
  • Last Post Jul 14 '12 at 2:57am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

The Iron GM contest first originated on a local forum of players that live near me. It was a chance to demonstrate writing ability as well as how unique and crafty one is. Plus, its a whole lot of fun!

I hope to conduct this content in rounds. Round 1 consists of writing a setting. Round 2 would be to flesh out your setting with the NPCs and creatures that inhabit the travel-able areas (or a specific area, as detailing an entire world is too much for this scope). Round 3 would be to write a specific adventure set within your setting with your NPCs and creatures.

Round 1 will be very important, giving you the basis for the rest of the rounds. In round 1 you are given a list of 5 randomly chosen (and unique to you) keywords from which to craft your setting around. In round 2 you will randomly designate one of your keywords as the dominant trait. This trait must have the most focus in your NPCs and creatures. Round 3 will be as round 2, but you will randomly choose 2 keywords and they cannot be the same as the one chosen for round 2. These two traits must be the focus for your adventure.

An example of keywords: Ronin, Tyranny, Fairies, China, Berserk, Revolutionary War, Mamlukes, Cyborg, Libraries, Golem, Low-Orbit, Vizers, Wrestling, Anchors, Lulliputian, Sewers, and so on.

Entries should be broad enough that mechanics don't matter. It is acceptable to use preexisting information (such as the Forgotten Realms setting, or the premise of World of Darkness), though you are encouraged to be as creative as possible. All entries remain the intellectual property of their respective owners. I, HellFencer, will be overseeing the operation of the contest. Should I choose to, I may participate in the contest if time allows. I will also be responsible for the creation of a library of words (probably 1000 or more) as well as passing them out to participants. I pledge to be non-biased and completely random when passing these out.

If you hate your first set of keywords, you may ask for a second, but you must take the second set. There will be no duplication of keywords between participants. I will post what keywords everyone has.

"But who wins!?" you ask. Everyone that participates is given the right to vote for two entries. Your first vote is worth two points, and your second is worth one point. It is considered polite not to vote for your own entry. Those who wish to vote but not play may enter as Judges. Judges rate each story on a scale of 0-3. Voting will last for 5 days from the end of entry submission.

"And WHAT do I win?" you ponder. Well, considering is nice to actually win something, and I think I can afford it, I will be giving out giftcards. Please note that I will NOT be conducting anything having to do with the giftcards on MW. I will contact you outside of the forums to discuss it, as it is not my intention to break any rules set forth by the site (by advertising money and whatnot).

Lastly, considering how well your idea is liked, a game may just be run in its style here on MW!

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