A Necessary Evil

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This is an Urban-Based game of political intrigue and underground warfare against the now-corrupt city state.

The players are a member of a secret organization of monks, the Kaelan, that defend the unknowing city from its oppressors.

They will be sent on missions to solve problems the city's oppressors have caused, and are at liberty to solve these problems in any way they see fit, whether it be negotiation, persuasion, intimidation, murder or any other effective means.Years ago, the general Sergal had staged a coup against Ashonton's aging and corrupt royal family. According to Sergal, none survived.
In the years since, the large city of Ashonton knew great prosperity. The new ruler, Sergal, seemed to be making the people happy.

After a decade however, whispers began among a few select folk of corruption. Another coup was staged, and quickly squashed by Sergal, who deemed the would-be militarists traitorous madmen, aiming to destroy their hard-earned civilization. They were tortured and executed publicly, to the people's great satisfaction.

Not wishing the same fate, any other dissenters dispersed or became even more reclusive, tightening security and shrinking their numbers.

Meanwhile, prosperity continued, and the common folk continued to love their leader, supporting his every decision to bring peace to their land, heightening the standard of living and making their lives better. Almost all believed their precious Ashonton a paradise.

A rare few, however, knew differently. A reclusive sect of monks, hidden under the guise of religion, fight an underground battle against Sergal's now-(secretly) corrupt government. They know better than to try to expose the truth of the country's leader-The common person would never believe all the accounts of torture, wrongful imprisonment and class-based cleanseing, to death squads
administering forced population control and silencing truthful propaganda. Instead, the Kaelan strike back, using their own methods to silence and eliminate key members of Sergal's dictatorist military force-they hope to destabilize and therefore topple the oppressive government.

They must continue their work quietly, however, for the city guard, Sergal's death squads and militant supporters of the dictator lurk at every turn, and even the innocent population unknowingly supports their oppressors.

The Kaelan must continue to hide beneath their faithful guise, and continue to fight, hoping desperately they are not discovered before completing their final mission-to kill Sergal.

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