A Shadow Over Endruel

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A "points of light" style campaign setting to test drive 4e as close to the core concepts as possible. Play from 1st to...well...whatever we get to. As far as we can! Adventure! Mayhem! Et cetera!

~The Age of Twilight~

Fifty years have passed since the Fall of the Empire. Though shattered, the remnants of the Empire still cling to the lands in the south. The lands between the strongholds are dangerous these days, monsters of all types roam freely in the wild preying on travellers. Across the lands the peoples carry an air of defeat and impending demise. Many feel it inevitable that they be consumed by the darkness pressing down on them. Some have sworn allegiance to the dark forces secretly, hoping to win favour with them when the end comes. Others hold out as stalwart lights in the darkness, dim as they may be.

The elves and eladrin hold their forests safely, broaching no invaders. The dwarves, too, though beset by their own monsters stand fast against them. Even the dragonborn of the desert have felt the darkness on their lands. Foul creatures of darkness, new creations of the dark gods, have made the deserts their home. They blot out the sun with their evil and enslave the unwary of the dragonborn to their cause. In the south, however, after years of war after centuries of prosperity, the humans seem unable to muster the strength to drive the darkness from their lands.

If they hope to survive, though, they must. Night will soon fall on Endruel and without a light to hold back the darkness all will be enveloped.

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