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  • Created Jun 2 '08
  • Last Post Aug 21 '15 at 2:34pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Creos- a new world to the human races. The lands have lived in relative peace until the humans' arrival, and continued for a time after. However, with the onset of the Dragonfell War, the human nations were thrown into turmoil, and the other races were forced to join in the fight against the invading dragons. The war lasted for many years, finally ending abruptly, leaving the nations to rebuild in the wake of the war. Representatives of the other races now walk the lands, spurred into action by the human colonization. It is a time of action and grief, as scars may never heal. Of the human nations, Mahar, their capital, has been completely destroyed, leaving a twisted wreck in it's place- said by many to be cursed by the dead. The orcs of the west have likewise fled their homeland but for a few survivors, the war consuming much of the western area.

Humans, dwarves, elves, and the new Tiichia, changed members of the elves who guarded the good dragons' homes, all must learn of each other in this new era. Though each race may be strange to another, their combined efforts have saved their lives. Dwarven emissaries and elvish leaders are a common sight in the human courts as they all ask themselves, "What next?" Diplomatic ties will be forged between the races, as humans learn of people outside their lands.

Your group gathers in Narill, specifically in the Adventurer's Guild. There you plan to join your own party, for fame, glory, money, or just wanderlust...who knows? In the wake of the war, heroes are needed, and the Guild bustles with activity. While the common folk rebuild their broken towns, grieve for their lost, and struggle to earn a living, they will need protectors. Those people are you. Are you up to the task?

[An Introduction]
What'd I bother typing that stuff above for if you're looking here for one? :)

[Game Master(s)]
Me, the resident chocobo-loving muffin eater. Fair warning, this is only the second game I've GM'd.

[Game Explanation]
Creos is my homebrew world that I've been working on (and off) for two years. The game starts just after the events of the Dragonfell War, and the human nations are rebuilding from what they've lost. The nations beyond (dwarf and elf, in particular) have only now made contact with the humans, and diplomatic missions may be required. The game will be a fair mix of exploration, combat, and roleplaying. All the information on the world that you will hopefully need is in the game forum, under the history, nations, and worlds tabs.

[Application Process]
The party will be a team of five people- two are already in, drawn from other games. The third (Samaelryn, I'm looking at you), needs to hurry up and make an application if they're gonna get in. So we're looking for three players atm. I MIGHT go with a sixth, if I see plenty of good aps. I'm looking for people who can, preferably, post once a day at least. I'm pretty much always online if I'm not at work, so if you guys stay active we can keep it moving fast. :)

[Character Creation]
Characters will start out at first level, 100 gold, 22 point buy (standard). IMPORTANT: Check this forum for specific info and homebrew stuff I've made. If you don't, and try doing something that doesn't exist, don't be surprised if you get negative kudos. Fair warning. Reading = Good!
Also, having relationships between different players' characters beforehand is a good thing. I won't force you to, however.

[Any additional information or requirements]
Mmm...check the forum I linked to for Character Creation? If any of you are interested in helping develop Creos with mythology, towns, or what have you, you will likely be finding yourself loaded up with some XP. This is the first adventure in my first campaign of my new world... so it's in development! Lol.

Also, if you're a good mapmaker? You would be generously rewarded.

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