Relative Truth - 1500 ABY

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  • Created Jun 5 '08
  • Last Post Jan 7 '10 at 9:33pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

The game is set in 1500 ABY, a completely made up noncannon time period, in which the events of the Star Wars film are now a distant legend. Many believe they happened but they have since been embellished upon. A few major governments have resurfaced, including the galactic alliance, and the galactic empire, but the majority of the Power is controlled by a religious entity called the Doctrine. Blending the teachings of the jedi, jensaarai, and a few other force traditions found throughout the ages they teach trust, love, and all that good stuff. However positive their message though many have ulterior motives. Only a band of renegade heroes can uncover their mystery. I plan on things being Character-based and RP-heavy, but there will be plenty of combat too. This campaign will be fairly dark, but I'd prefer the PCs to remain shining beacons of light for the whole galaxy to see.

You are all that remain of the Jedi, and the other force traditions you represent. Those of you that were once imperial knights have seen first hand the treachery and cruelty the Doctrine and Corrupted Empire is now capable of. Now is your chance to show one and all what it means to follow the light side of the force, not pay lip service to it. The journey will be treacherous, but I'm sure you will succeed.

Star Wars Style Scroll1500 Years after the battle of yavin and the destruction of the first death star a new order has arisen. More powerful than both the Rebuilt Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Empire the religion known only as The Doctrine has taken it's place in Galactic Politics. Though many galactic factions still exist, such as the reborn Galactic Alliance, the Galactic Empire, the Hapes Consortium, et cetera, each of these sovereignties is compromised by both leaders and and followers within their organizations that are loyal to the Doctrine.

The Doctrine's core beliefs support unity and peace, but very few of the Clergy, and absolutely none of the Laity practice the rules and principles encompassed by the Doctrine. However the Clergy do bless Moffs, Senators, and Governors, appointing new leaders from time to time. It seems the power of the Doctrine is ever growing, daily, becoming even stronger.

Meanwhile people the galaxy over are being charged, convicted, tortured and executed for perceived crimes against The Doctrine. Most of them are charged with heresy, but a few are for sedition or other subjective offenses. Children are being kidnapped without ransom demands or requests. A small group of fed up sentients is starting the beginnings of a rebellion. To succeed they will need a combination of leadership, talent and courage...

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