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Dark Oak Manor…For many decades, it has stood on a lonely hilltop, completely abandoned; or so you think. Very little is known about the manor, and what is known, is only known through rumors. Some say that the former (and only) owner of Dark Oak Manor, Silas Archibold, killed his young wife one night; the reasons for the supposed murder vary. Some say that Silas Archibold had gone mad, others say that some supernatural entity commanded him to do it. Despite the rumors, one thing is clear- before Silas Archibold passed way, his wife was never seen again by anyone.

Dark Oak Manor is haunted…at least that’s another rumor that’s gone around through the years that the manor has stood on that lonely hilltop. No one has dared to go up to that place, except for an occasional group of kids, who have dared each other to go inside…they only came back to say that they didn’t have enough courage to actually go inside; that may have been smart on their part.

Whatever is in Dark Oak Manor (if anything at all) is still there; kept secret over the passage of time. Will you have the courage to travel to Dark Oak Manor, go inside, and discover the secrets within? Or will you just return from that place, never having gone inside, and let those secrets remain there for many more years. We’ll see…yes, we’ll see.

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