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  • Created Jun 11 '08
  • Last Post Mar 24 '10 at 12:04am
  • Status Complete
  • System Shadowrun

Game Description

Mission Briefing, December 10, 2007, 06:30 hoursThis information is classified.

The following is a timeline of events that relate to this mission.
10/12/07: An ACoE/DoE excavation crew hit an empty pocket, buried inside a mountain in the Rockies. This pocket was found to contain an anomalous energy source that was reported within 24 hours to the Pentagon. Specific location of the anomaly is being kept secret at this time. Several sets of skeletal remains were also discovered inside the pocket, all of which were delivered to a secure location for identification.
10/15/07: The site was secured by a Marines unit, and classified Top Secret.
10/31/07: Dr. Lazail, a leading British physicist, was given access to the site after his security clearance was expedited and the site was determined to be relatively safe for short-term human habitation. Dr. Lazail began examining the already collected data and ordered additional data collection instruments.
11/08/07: Anomalous readings were recorded by Dr. Lazail, and a creature of unknown origin fell through the energy anomaly. The creature remains in custody at the site for further study. The creature had an object on his person that emits energy, and it was confiscated and handed over to Dr. Lazail for further investigation.
11/12/07: Dr. Mertise, an American linguist, arrived on site to evaluate the language spoken by the first creature.
11/14/07: A second creature fell through the energy anomaly, hereafter referred to as 'The Portal'. This creature had no apparent possessions and also remains in custody at the site for further study.
12/07/07: A third creature fell through The Portal, killing one Marine and injuring three others before it was killed. The corpse has been removed to a secure location for examination and dissection.
12/08/07: A sensor package on a pre-programmed, mechanized drone unit was sent through The Portal from our side. It was programmed to return after one hour elapsed. It has not yet returned.

Reports from Drs. Lazail and Mertise and the dissection team are attached.

This mission entails stepping through The Portal, investigating what is on the other side for 24 hours and returning. Should conditions on the other side of The Portal prove hostile, you are authorized to use deadly force for the purpose of defending team members and equipment. Returning prior to the passage of 24 hours should only be considered if the situation is truly dire.

  • Survey the area in a radius of one mile from The Portal.
  • Eliminate hostiles in the area.
  • Collect samples of local plants and animals.
  • Record atmospheric data for the duration of the mission.
  • Record data with Dr. Lazail's sensor package for at least one hour in the vicinity of The Portal.
  • Record the sounds of local persons speaking, should any present themselves.
  • Return through The Portal after 24 hours have elapsed.


Several pictures are included, each large enough to be a separate page.

The first subject is an elven man. He has short brown hair and deep, vibrant green eyes. His skin is light, but not pale. He has the tanned look of a white person who has spent much of his life outdoors. His apparent age is somewhere in his early 20s. In the first few, he is wearing an outfit dyed in camouflage patterns in various shades of green and brown and has an old fashioned wooden bow carved with an ivy leaf motif in one hand. There is a quiver full of arrows on his back, and he also has a sword with a leather-wrapped handle belted around his waist. In all, he looks like he stepped out of a fantasy novel. Later photographs (they are all time- and date-stamped) show him in a light blue jumpsuit, though he seems to have kept his brown boots. In the initial photographs, he seems surprised, then wary, then resigned. In the later photos, his expression shows only anger.

The second subject is a woman whose torso from about waist up is that of a human with short, spiky blue hair. Her apparent age is somewhere in her mid-30s. Her ears look like small fins, and her skin is pale with a bluish cast. Her fingers have an almost transparent webbing between them and end in small claws. Her breasts are covered by assorted shells with no obvious means of attachment. Somewhere around her waist, the skin gradually changes to blue-green scales. She has a dorsal fin, and her tail ends in a dual flipper, like that of a dolphin, but flimsier. Later photographs show her in a green tank-style swimsuit top. In the early photos, she looks confused, then upset. In later photos, most of which show her underwater, her expression is melancholy.

The third subject is a black, spider-like creature. It is seen plunging its two front legs into a male Marine's chest, his face twisted in surprise and pain. Another shows it in the air, probably in mid-leap. A third shows it on the ground, two front appendages raised up like threatening arms, and the others in a position to suggest it was captured while moving. All three of those shots are blurry, grainy, and relatively low quality, probably from a security camera. There is one high quality picture of it with one leg partially detached and lying on the cement floor, several bullet holes in it, and a puddle of black liquid around it. In that final picture, it is possible to tell that there is a subtle dark red undertone to the black furry body, and the eyes almost seem to be glowing a malevolent red.

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