Farland: The Dark Occupation

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The year is 7948 F.R. (Farlandish Reckoning)

Farland, a continent once ruled by the humans, dwarves, and elves has been torn asunder. Now, the infamous Lords of Sin rule. Orcs, Oluks, Goblinoids, and even Ogres gaining more social status than a lowly human or elf. All seems lost in the darkness, death and despair at every corner of the continent. Martial law is instituted in every major city and outlying villages and servants of Vornoth and warriors of the Dark Occupation seem to be settling in and relishing in their time of rule.

Not a thought crosses their mind of this ever changing, and soon, their lord and master Vornoth, the Walker in the Darkness, will be all powerful and the ruler of all things.

Unless something changes, and quick, Nurion will fall from grace forever.

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