Vanifae's 4th Edition Game - Adventures in Raven's Valle

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The rolling hills of Raven's Vale situated in the Southern Kivan continent host some of the last refuges of the last great Empire that crumbled nearly four centuries prior. Raven's Point a bastion of light in the darkness that has followed the fall of the Empire is located on the southern end of the Vale along the White Sand Coast. It is a land in need of heroes, a land of high adventure, and even more terrible secrets!Here there be monsters...

The Age of the grand Empire has passed into darkness snuffed out by some great calamity now all but lost to the common man. Remnants of that great culture of civilization dot the continent of Kivan; a testament to its greatness and the audacity of their hubris. Darkness followed the fall, and much knowledge was lost, the wisdom of that Great Age perhaps lost for all eternity...

But in this Age of Darkness points of light exist, bastions of hope that perhaps a new Age will once again begin anew... Raven's Point, the many villages that dot the Raven's Vale and even the dwarf settlement of Monas Tiruth give glimmers of hope in this age of adventure, mystery, and heroes.

Now let us begin the tales of High Adventure...

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