The Rise of Nerath

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Five days ago, the first dwarven caravan of spring arrived in Fallcrest, minus its scouting party. Some agents for the Lord Warden were hired to investigate and discovered an apparent extraplanar incursion by the Talon -- a group of militant, organized goblinoids in the worship of Asmodeus. For reasons known only to them, they had captured the scouting party and interrogated them, living and dead, allowing the main caravan to pass unharmed.

Back in Fallcrest, the party was charged with finding the planar entry point of the Talon and plugging it if they could. They secured the assistance of mercenary dragonborn during their hero's party with the dwarves, and they met both the Septarch's apprentice and the enigmatic Orest Naerumar, who possessed some unrevealed knowledge of his own regarding the matter.

After two long days of travel, the party found a planar opening and a Talon camp built around it. The Talon were slaughtered, apparently by denizens of the Shadowfell, and the party entered the portal to discover what they could of its origin and a means of shutting it down. They have been notified that Fallcrest itself has been infiltrated, the Lord Warden missing and the captain of his guard slain.

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