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All across the world, Rebel Factions have been forming for various reasons, trying to topple the govenrments or even restart the War of 2000 years ago.

Now a days it is very easy to get a job as a Freelance mercenary or soldier to quite down the revolts.

The dominant race remaining are the humans, though no coutnry really shows favoritism for a race, and is generally accepting of all.With the war 1000 years ago between the three Great Kingdoms of Norgard, Alchemia, and Parvalone ending, they are trying to rebuild their current relationships. However, as with every war, the deep scars left over still burn deep in the eyes of many. Many extremist factions exist within all the nations. Some put the blame on the nations and people themselves, some suspect the Kingdom of Iscalio is behind them, as they are a country that made profits dealing weaponry to the highest bidders, and again wish to profit off of a war. In addition, people are rarely allowed in or out of Iscalio, so no one really knows very much about them.

What are the reasons behind these extremist factions scattered across the lands? Is it really just the left over hatred from the Wars, or is there some secret hand guiding them down a preset path?

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