The Seven Orbs of Ran'tl'Plarin

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A continuation of a Campaign started several years ago that has been interupted by several years of moving around that can hopefully be resolved before the campaign completly disolves.The brothers Adu and Jyilo along with Crimsen sharpnose the gnome and Feruim the wizard have been sent along on a quest by some ancient Archmage to gather the Seven Orbs of Ran'tl'Plarin in order to hopefully find some way to banish the existence of the Realm of Death in the North back to it's hideous origins. The companions recently collected The Blue orb in the port city of the Styes, procurred from the Demonic Sea Spawn of Tharizdun that was acting as one of its eyes. Yet, Six orbs remain.
Will our Stalwart Adventurers be able to locate the remaining artifacts and Banish the Dark Queen from their Beloved Homeland?

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