Keep on the Shadowfell, Eberron-Style

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Running H1: Keep on the Shadowfell, using Wizards' Eberron conversion.

...That's about it, really.The woman approached you a week ago in Irontown, on the other side of the lake. She asked you if you wanted to help King Kaius--and the tough-looking human standing a respectable distance off didn't look like he would take no for an answer.[/center]

"Travel to the city of Winterhaven, near the Icetop Mountains. Once there, look for an old man in Wrafton's Inn. Start a conversation with him and ask about the local area. Eventually, he'll ask you if you'd like him to draw a map of the area. Respond with this exact phrase: 'Do the local birds need a map to know which way the wind blows?' He'll respond to this pass-phrase with 'Not on a fair day, but they may when darkness falls.' Then, give him a copper coin with a portrait of King Kaius on it. He'll give you your mission."

Just about every coin in Karrnath has Kaius' ugly face on it, and the Orien caravaneer that you hired to take you out of the city says the road to Winterhaven is easy to find. You have just left the strange little town of Lakeside, and the sun is high here on the King's Road.

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