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Set in an alternate universe modern-day setting where anachronistic beliefs still hold some sway over the public's opinion. The party members are normal citizens of Appelcline who are about to awaken to the other side of their ego - an architect or dweller of the Tower fabled to have existed long ago. The journey will begin with the players having felt a calling to find the Tower. They have their reasons for wanting to see it, but they are all drawn to the same location - the Clock Tower in Appelcline.The path opened, leading to the Tower created by man to defy the heavens. When the last brick was laid down and held in place, the white spear of God, unavoidable to any mortal man, struck it. Thereafter, those that fell from its great heights became the Stars...

Within the modern-day city of Appelcline, situated in the nation known as Lein, there are those who have claimed to be the descendants of the fabled architects of the Tower - the Arcanists. Their power is one-of-a-kind, and each one has different motives and purposes in life. Five of them shall embark on the journey to discover the true meaning behind the lightning-struck Tower, while the other descendants of the Tower and Stars may have entirely different motives. Perhaps they may even eventually rebuild the paradise they sought to make to defy the natural order.

Even paradise eventually becomes boring.

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