The Transcendence: Emergence of Advaita Vedanta

Game Description

Kogren is a world of many facets and many cultures. At this time war is still a biting memory for many of it's inhabitants but still they must make due with what they have. 15 years have past since the climactic battle that brought an end to the terror felt throughout the lands of Trezel.

Yet for all their struggling, against the backdrop of a safer life for all people lies much more sinister undertones. The country of Trezel is not without help though as more and more rumors spread of an organization founded on routing out those that would have the world like it was in those dark days.

You are one of the few who have the power to shape this land, it is your decision as to how nimble your fingers fall in the crafting of a new Trezel.In a world that is constantly in motion a few gifted individuals have the power to bring about change, but will their help come before it is to late?

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