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This is a western. Friends of batmanfan, WonderWoman and their circle are welcome. If you wish to join, remember the Western Code: a mob will rule when someone is unruly. Everyone has a gun, so choose your words wisely. A man who stands out is a man who stands out in the rain.The town of Threadwood is the last territory anyone will see. With the Dakotas slightly settling, this boomtown just accross the border in Canada is a free territory neither nation has decided to do a thing about. Roughly the size of Rhode Island, this area has been lawless, lawful, and lawless again for the last 20 years. With the civil war unnoticed by these townsfolk (some draft dodgers) a great deal of money is made here. The eight founders of the town, all still living, do a great deal to keep people in line.

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