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Professor Aver Irsilph, an archaeologist of Inassi University, has discovered the ancient journal of the elf Aerunl Vrünsr. The journal details life in the great elven city of Ardrüm. However, Ardrüm is not mentioned in any historical records of any kind, and all memory of it seems to have vanished. Professor Irsilph decides to search for the lost ruins, along with a party of renowned adventurers.Long ago, deep in the forests of Farinnis lay the lost city of Ardrüm. The city was populated entirely by elves, long before interference of humans, or even the discovery of the advanced arcane arts. The city, carved of the great Élardrüms (or Fey-trees, as the humes have taken to calling them), dwarfed even the mightiest citadels of dwarven kings. The city lasted over 100,000 years without any repairs, maintenance, or even rotting of wood. It was certainly blessed by the gods. If any saw it today, most would believe it a city 'worthy of the gods themselves'.

However, many eons ago, all records of the city disappeared. After centuries, it was spoken legend, and long after that, only in fables. Today it remains unknown almost completely; the few who know of it speak of it only in whispers. The location of the city, as well as all details of it, are lost. Of those who have heard of it, few have gone looking for it; none have found anything. Many have since disbelieved the theory, thinking it all some kind of cruel joke. Yet, it was only that none of them knew where to search.

The year is 472 (after the fall of the Kaledish Empire). In the bustling city of Port Inassi lives an archaeologist named Aver Irsilph. About ten years ago, Aver, while excavating the ruins of a temple to Corellon Lorathein, found a strange, large book, written in ancient elven. The book was at least 4000 pages; nothing could have made Aver more excited. It was dated 137,492 EC... Aver had never even heard of an EC period. It must have been ages ago! This book was an artifact of ancient times, and could not be damaged. Even more intriguing, a map was stitched into the middle of the book. He returned to Port Inassi to decipher it. The book was an autobiography, detailing the tale of an elf named Aerunl Vrünsr.

Aver wrote a translated version and read over the beginning again. This 'Ardrüm'... Why did no books refer to it? Why had he never found it? An exploration is necessary... but it would be dangerous. He could not do it alone.

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