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Peace has reigned for thousands of years. Borders have long been established and remain the same as they have for generations. There is not a single person alive that remembers the feuds and wars that molded the land into what it is today. The old Gods have been forgotten--if they ever existed to begin with-- and the Pantheon known to the world have been known to walk among their chosen, though few can boast as to having actually met them.

Dragons are creatures of myth, either extinct or simply creations of long forgotten ancestors as stories to tell their children at night. Humanity thrives, and the shortest living race claims a majority of the world. They build cities and structures of beauty and destruction. The elves tend to prefer the quiet of their woodland homes, though they are always eager and willing to trade with and visit the human lands to study the erratic and energetic activities of the people found there.

But something is stirring; something long forgotten has grown restless in slumber and dreams of overturning the world. Things better left to the depths of forgotten history draw breath anew, and life as it is known for everyone from king to peasant is about to change.

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