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This is a 4.0 game within Eberron in the Lhazaar Principalities for the most part. I am hoping to recruit five DEDICATED (must post at least 1/day, weekends/holidays exceptions but please do anyway if you have free time) players. I will choose based on roles filled and would prefer no duplicates of the same class, but I will also judge you on writing ability. This will be a high-action, high-adventure (and hopefully some comedy) sea game inspired by Pirates of The Carribean, One Piece, and Treasure Island. I am also using the Eden races/feats shown below:

Two new skills will see play as variants in this, big thank yous to Get_in_my_Belly for the idea:

The races will have been always in Eberron in this case, with their own cultures not having to be changed to a huge degree. Iomadi are nearly extinct rather than humans, but other than that it's fine. Most do not live in the Lhazaar Principalities, but have traveled there occasionally.

You are using Point Buy from the 4.0 books to generate your stats, and you begin at 11th level. You have a level 10, 11, and 12 magic item along with 5,000 Gold Pieces and free mundane equipment.

Please keep in mind that Errata has been released recently for 4.0, which you can find here:

You only need to read the Player's Handbook stuff.

Information on Lhazaar Principalities, from EberronWiki (fixed the spelling within):


Application Process:

Class/Paragon Path (Or multiclass if appropriate)

Backstory: A decent size, if you please. You're level 11, so you have a good deal of prestige (or more likely, infamy) already.

Personality: Try to be distinct with personalities, be clever, and be well-suited to this type of game.

Allies/Enemies: Specific people or general groups. I would also prefer if each person had 2 PCs they know right off, but I don't mind if you don't.Mika Rockface was called a Prince by many, despite her gender. Such was the way the titles of the Lhazaar Principalities functioned. Today, however, any qualities that might have made the old dwarf seem like royalty were instead being twisted to the side of demonic. She vented, she raged, she cursed at what she saw when she open the treasure chest on the island.

"Your treasure-hunting skills are terrible. F-" She repeated the contents of the letter, the only thing within the chest, and threw it against the wall.

"Where's Vrunk? Tell him we're leaving back to Port Krez! We're goin' ta show those two-timers not ta cross the Cloudreavers, if tha Navy doesn't get 'em first!

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