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“My old friend-
I hope that this letter finds you well, or at least in better condition than you were at our last meeting, for which I must again express my most heartfelt apologies. However, I did say that I would make it up to you someday, and I believe that time is at hand. I have stumbled upon a most amazing opportunity, which I can guarantee you will find profitable, and which is well suited to someone of your temperament and abilities. I dare say no more in this letter, but if you could meet me in the port of Ottoman Dock before the autumn equinox, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
-Your Servant,
All of you will have received a letter similar to the one above, sent to each of you by a Bard named Zenatos. Each of you is well acquainted with Zenatos, who is a notorious adventureseeker and treasure hunter. Unfortunately, he is famous more for the bad ends that his expeditions routinely meet than for any great successes in his endeavors. Although he was supposedly quite formidable in his youth, most of you know him only as he is now, an aging and somewhat scatter-brained academic who has probably spent one too many hours reading through old histories and legends and who seems to take a perverse pleasure in wild-goose chases. All of you have worked for or with him before, and some of you may have even worked together in his employ.
Despite the fact that all of you have lost money and time on his schemes, it is hard to truly dislike the man, who despite his eccentricities is quite charming, and somehow always manages to talk his way back into your good graces. Your association with him is not a total loss, however. After all, each of you has a number of interesting stories (and/or scars) to show for your efforts.
The letter has provided enough impetus for you to seek out your old associate, if only for the chance to get some of your money back. You have all come to the town of Ottoman Dock, and have been instructed through intermediaries to meet at Zenatos’ home at noontime on the last day of the week.

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