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ICONS is a Mutants and Masterminds game with a Neo-Silver Age sensibility in a homebrew setting.For generations, people had dreamed about heroes: extraordinary men and women, larger than life, with powers beyond the scope of ordinary men and machines. For the victims of evil and injustice the world around, these dreams remained confined to the fictions of print and film.


April 18, 2008. Something goes horribly, horribly wrong at Fermilab. Hundreds die in an instant. Yet out of the chaos arises the first superhero, The Guardian – and the first supervillain, Amok. Moments later, the first super-powered battle erupts, and the world forever changes.

In the three months that follow, others have manifested awesome powers unexplainable by conventional science. Some have used these powers for personal gain or evil deeds; others have been driven mad by the paradox of their gifts. A precious few have opted to use their powers to uphold justice and defend the helpless.

Much of the world is still in awe of super-humans, and they are revered for their courage and power, or reviled for the terror and havoc they create. Still, there are those who have adapted to the new reality that super-powers have created, and how their machinations to manipulate these new forces affect the world remains to be seen. In the meantime, super-humans continue to be the protagonists in a new chapter in the history of the world, and their lives and deeds will be burned forever into the memory of humankind. They have become… ICONS.

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