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This is a 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons game set in the default points of light setting. Your characters have left the seaside town of Windhaven nearly 3 weeks ago on the Dawn’s Light, a ship chartered by the Church of Pelor who is searching for the lost city of Algid Springs, once rumored to be the home of a king.

This game will focus heavily on exploration of the unknown, finding and/or aiding the residents of Algid Springs, and unraveling a great and mysterious curse. Characters should be somewhat self-sufficient in the wilderness and willing to help others for humanitarian and not simply financial reasons. Working together will be critical so lone wolves and drama queens need not apply.Rumors have been circulating through the realm that a message from the long-forgotten island city of Algid Springs was recently discovered off the Kraken Coast. While many felt this was purely a wild tale, the Church of Pelor quickly began taking such tales much more seriously and many an idle observer turned a watchful eye to the sun priests as they started making calculations and gathering supplies.

Less than a month ago the church began a call to arms, asking all faithful and interested adventurers to join the church in a search and rescue mission for the citizens of Algid Springs. Perhaps it was faith and compassion for your fellow man that called you to this mission or it might have simply been the promise of coin. Yet the fact remains that your name is now on the ships register and you’ve signed on to follow these crazy priests on a wild goose chase for some mythical lost village out in the open sea. At least the rations are filling and they’re paying you in cold, hard coin.

You’ve been out on the ocean for at least three weeks now, spotting only the occasional small island that you’ve used to restore your stores of water and to stretch your legs. There doesn’t appear to be anything out here worth saving beyond a few rare albatross. Yet lately you swear that the clouds have begun to darken and the lead astrologer of the Dawn’s Light doesn’t look as confident as he once did. It’s probably just your imagination, though…

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