The Kyrian Cycle: Heroes From Beyond the Pale

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  • Created Sep 20 '08
  • Last Post Nov 23 '12 at 5:14am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dominion

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The following game largely uses the 3rd edition of, with a few House Rules.

You are a Kulnite, an inhabitant of the vast continent of Kuln in the northern hemisphere of the world of Kyrathaba. Here, descendants of the Great Exodus have begun just in the last few generations to coax a semblance of civilization forth from the vast wilderness around them. Few and far between though they may be, the populated enclaves of Kuln offer some protection against the natural dangers of the land, and the supernatural threats that arise from The Necromancer of Selkin.

To the south, on the immense landmass of Umbar, roam vast creatures from a former age, and the remnants of the First Races, beings hostile to Kulnites by nature or by intent, respectively. Here, the Jungle of Korvune remains the last bastion to continue to defy the incursions of the Dark One -- for reasons unknown but highly sought after.

In the east, the continent of Selkin, once home to a great civilization that grew arrogant in its power and affluence and careless in its eldritch experiments. Here the secret of immortality was uncovered, and the power that this discovery represented lead to war and decimation. Today, Selkin is a wasteland, home to fell beings twisted far from their original forms, and in thrall to the Necromancer, the sole survivor of that earlier time -- the last Immortal, bent upon the subjugation of all life on Kyrathaba.

An ancient scroll, reputedly penned by the great cleric of Light, Tymon Galladon, has been found in the ruins of one of the Kulnites' first settlement attempts. It claims that if The Necromancer is defeated, the victors shall inherit the Prize, and righteous rule shall forever prevail over all of Kyrathaba. But the Necromancer has not been idle, and time is quickly running out...

GAME SYSTEM: Dominion Rules version 3.0
CHARACTER SHEET: the GM will maintain PNG charsheets
TECH LEVEL: Earth-medievalish
CHARACTER LIMIT: one per player
POSTING REQUIREMENTS: 3 x weekly (daily preferred during combat)

He Who Dwells In Darkness must be overthrown, before all is consumed by Eternal Night. Valor shall come from the West. In that land, look to the North, for courage from beyond the pale...

Additional game background info for interested players can be found HERE

Favorable comments that have been made about this game by players:

Neil wrote:
Just want to say this is a brilliant game. Long may the creative collaboration continue.
Dantalion64 wrote:
I am really enjoying the role-playing that everyone is doing. It's obvious everyone has a character in their heads while posting, and not just pushing around numbers on a character sheet.

What I'm enjoying the most right now is the setting, for two major reasons:

1. It's well-realized. When I settle into writing mode, I feel like I'm in a different place. There's a sense of structure and community that's all-too-often missing from FRPG settings. Medievalist fantasy worlds need to have this structure, or else they come off not only as two-dimensional, but also as cookie-cutter settings that lack a distinct personality or adequate realism. There's enough of the little things in this game that create a sense of elsewhere, without bogging down the game in detail, and leaving room for players to contribute to the setting.
2. It's simple. Now, I'm sure there's things going on of which that we poor PCs are not aware; but the overall structure of the setting is easy to understand, which makes it easy to settle a character into. So often, FRPG worlds have elaborate and complex histories with dozens of kingdoms and races and this and that, and while it makes for interesting reading, this complexity can make it hard to find how one's character fits in. I love reading the Eberron setting books, but I never really got a feel for the place when playing D&D in that setting. The more complex the world, the greater the GM's responsibility is to bring the setting to life, and if the GM is not up to the task, even the most elaborate setting comes off flat (I am very fond of the person who GM'ed that game, but he didn't really bring the world to life). You do a great job of showing they way things go in this place, so we players can easily figure out how our characters fit (or don't fit, depending). Simple, but not simplistic; I'm beginning to think that that is a necessary component for any PbP game.

I also like the fact that you included an NPC as a regular member of the group, not as a railroader, but as a stimulus for both plot and role-play. I intend to incorporate that into the new supers game I'm running: awesome idea!
kasrkin wrote:
you run a tight ship, provide excellent settings and descriptions, and operate some of the best NPCs I've ever read. Lucian is quite interesting, and I enjoy reading his thoughts and words.
JayR wrote:

Hey bro! GREAT campaign, you have really pulled some great stuff together for this one. I'm very impressed with the backstory and the way you have constructed the local environs, the place seems VERY real. Can't wait to uncover more!
Whisper wrote:

T/N ? Surely not; for providing a rich world and an interesting story, as well as being an open and responsive DM, you deserve to be good. Keep up the good work and this pleasurable game !
Originally Posted by Dantalion64 View Post
Very intense, kyrathaba. I'm really enjoying this.
Originally Posted by Whisper
Using this post - though it's very good and nice in setting the mood - as a proxy for the whole thread: Incredible good, flavourful, entertaining and addictive. This is one of the best games I ever played in ! Keep up the good work !
Originally Posted by Spyglass
Its been hours of fun to follow this adventure from the commission at Slaytenthorpe to now--I think this is the third or fourth day in a row where I've gone straight to the computer after work, and stayed there way past what's appropriate because "I gotta read one more chapter, I can't sleep until I see how this pans out". I know that a good RP campaign doesn't automatically make a good book, but if you ever decide to publish some spinoff story in that
I haven't been able to figure out whether or not this is a published adventure you're using, so that comment might sound really ignorant. Sorry.
setting, you have at least one guaranteed fan who will buy and read it.

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