Tamriel: The Awakening

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The players will run about Tamriel either in their own self interest, or for the better or worse of the new world. Either pledged to the daedra or working against them, the PCs will carve out their own names into the new history of Tamriel.The True Face of Tamriel has been changed forever. Never again is it a place for the mortals, for, among there company now walk the daedra. Where once there were empires and kingdoms, now there are only lands, wrecked and broken. But some would wish to rebuild.

Some say it started was when the people rebelled against their monarch, whom they had begun to think was a pretender. Perhaps it was when the gates of Oblivion opened again, even with Mehrunes Dagon slain long ago, and Azura and Mephala, among others trying to hold the lands together, there came other daedra, less merciful and more ambitious.

Conquest by the daedra swept the land. Some people fled underground. Inhabiting the old Ayleid ruins rather than be ruled by the lords of the other world, while some allowed themselves to be yoked. Still others relished in the opportunity, pledging themselves in oaths to these new walking gods that they may gain power in their service.

The shattered kingdoms of Tamriel are split asunder as the walking gods send attacks against each other, while a new hope rests with the partially restored kingdom of Cyrodil itself, held together by Azura.

Some would hope to end the wars and drive back the daedra, while others will become their tools. Some will win honor for themselves or let brutality rule them. What does the world hold in these times?

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