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Anima Beyond Fantasy: Shadow War

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  • Created Nov 9 '16
  • Last Post Today at 10:18pm
  • Status Running
  • System Miscellaneous

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Two years ago, the Emperor was assassinated and the Empress Elisabeth Barbados took over. The Empire of Abel was never the same after these events, as the Azur Alliance formed and led by Matthew Gaul, the supreme archon of Togarini. The former supreme archbishop Eljared is nowhere to be seen and currently the church doesn't recognize Elisabeth Barbados as the Sacred Summum Pontifex.

While the tension between the Azur Alliance and the Sacred Holy Empire of Abel are rising with everything pointing toward War, Supernatural creatures that have been hidden or asleep for many years are waking up, mad scientists and secret organizations are having shadow wars between each other.

At the Great university of Lucrecio, an independent state a group of students are about to embark in the most fantastic adventure of all time.

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