Heroes of Legend: A Classic D&D Adventure

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  • Created Oct 1 '08
  • Last Post Dec 13 '08 at 5:37am
  • Status Aborted
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Game Description

Behold, adventurer, the isle of Edda! Stretching from the far north, where the frozen North Kingdom lies, to the far south, where the desert kindoms rule in their glorious luxury. But behold also that our adventure does not begin in one of the great kingdoms, but in the small town of Oxenbourne, just north of the Anvil Hills, where the dwarves dwell. Oxenbourne is a small settlement of about one thousand hardy folk, and is also quite the popular spot among adventurers, considering that it is both on the frontier and near the Ruins of Ilmarin and Castle T'tintor, both of which are said to contain wonderous treasures. Now it was on a cold night in the heart of winter that our very diverse adventuring party gathered in the Inn of the Broken Horn for a night of drinking, but little did they know what was awaiting them when a merchant in fine clothes approached them...Legends of Heroes is set in the island of Edda, and is attempting to return to the days when fantasy Roleplay was a simpler thing, the days when Gary Gygax's name was on D&D, and when a dragon awaited our adventurers at the end of a long dungeon. In short, it's a pretty campy/corny place! However, it is also a place of high adventure and drama (alright... maybe not so much drama, but we can't be silly all the time...) when brave knights and paladins watched the roads, and when dungeons deep held treasures just waiting to be found... We will be using the Basic/Original/Classic D&D Red Box rules, or, for those who do not own it, the OGL counterpart, Labrynth Lord, which is more or less the same game with some minor changes. It can be downloaded here... http://www.goblinoidgames.com/labyrinthlord.htm

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