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The green dragon company is responsible for handling external threats to the Darwonii Empire. The green dragons recruit only raw and untested men, who live breath and die in the service to the Empire. You will be playing as one of the new bands of recruits.You wake up to a blunt spear end probing your side. Cold and stiff, you somehow manage to stifle a yawn, as you sit up, noticing most of the rest of the company has already begun the predawn preparations, kicking out the watch and cook fires from the night before and cleaning up the morning rations. Beside you, a meal tin with a stale biscuit, dried fruit, and two sheets of jerked beef sits ignored. Your WaterBrother prods you again, "Eat up, you'll need your strength. We've got a few more days of forced marching yet." You grumble, but comply. Within the hour you are once more marching, heading out to the empire's defense.

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