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Kildaire is a world whose people have endured much. The most recent event was

Yeah, based on Earthdawn's concept.
the Scourge some hundred years back when predators from another plane found an opening and invaded the continent. Times are almost back to normal now and the threats to Kildaire have been reduced to the typical benign powermonger, liche, religious cult or horde of savage monsters. This story will be about a group of adventurers who may not know each other and who have some feeling of a greater purpose in life. Could this purpose be to lead Kildaire from the throne in Iopa? Could it be to unite all races? Perhaps your purpose is to ascend to the throne once occupied by Pelor, Boccob, Yandur or The Underman?
Your feet carry you as they may but lately they have been navigated by your heart, the pit of your stomach or perhaps your womanly intuition; whatever you call it, there is little in the way of explaining it.

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