Urban Learnin'

Game Description

A world set up for beginning 3.5 D&D players or for those that want to get readjusted to D&D after a long lapse. Experienced players are welcome as well.An open world, beginning in the large city of Alta, a city of opportunity. The cobblestone streets are lined with merchants, sewers steam between buildings where trash is collected...as well as other things. From one part of the city to the other, one could walk in a day... the smells ranging from the rancid to the gourmet, sights from the horrifically lecherous to the brilliantly beautiful.

Temples to the gods are on every corner, training facilities for all walks of life abound. Thieves and assassin's stick to the shadows awaiting prey like hungry vultures, Paladin's in Chapels praying for the glory to stop such people. Mage Academies and Guilds offer knowledge for those courageous enough to venture into the ancient tomes...

Anything can be found here; fortune, fame, glory....destiny...it is up to you to find yours...

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