Spycraft: Unsung Heroes

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  • Created Oct 12 '08
  • Last Post Nov 24 '08 at 12:37am
  • Status Complete
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

The players will be new recruits for Gnosis, going through the last few days of their training period to become full fledged agents.

I would like to see a game with a heavy basis in reality as most of the people who expressed interest decided. Character creation will be done with the standard 36 point buy from the core rulebook, and I will allow material from any of the other sourcebooks provided you let me know where you got it from and it is within the bounds of a 'realistic' game.

Here's to the unsung heroes!In the height of the Cold War, six high ranking intelligence officers from various countries on either side of the conflict met to discuss the possibility of a new initiative that would work to ensure that global threats be minimized or eliminated, no matter their point of origin. Working in the spaces between the shadows of the intelligence agencies of the world, the founding six began amassing a network of contacts and resources to set their plans into motion. It was not until the late eighties that the plan bore fruit, and Gnosis was formed. Founded on the tenets of Knowledge, Aptitude, Action, and above all Secrecy, Gnosis has spent the last thirty years ensuring that the fragile balance of power is kept through any means.

As possible new recruits, you have been approached by agents posing as representatives for a high profile, private military and intelligence gathering firm, and offered an chance to join this elite cadre. Having accepted the offer and given a series of tests, your real education begins.

Welcome to Gnosis.

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