Tales of the Old Republic

Game Description

This is a project, a collaborative effort, on behalf of many SAGA groups (and one slightly mad GamesMaster) to create an epic, a tale yet to be told and a new chapter in the Star Wars universe.

Fates intertwine, blasters flash and 'sabers clash as 5 groups of heroes sail towards their destinies and the future of the Galaxy.The year is 2'347 BBY.

The Galaxy has been at peace for many years. If one were to look at the great civilisation built through the labours and wars of countless humanoids, over tens of thousands of centuries, one would finally see peace; they would see the Galaxy as it should always have been and they would think it had all been worthwhile.

Should this person search closer, they would see something stirring; something undefineable. If one were to take an even closer look at it, if they were to truly examine it, they might regret doing so. I tell you now they would see a very different Galaxy indeed and they may never look away again.

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