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Lord Erthas Wyvernspur, truely more of a cousin to that noble family, had finally gone too far. A practioner of magic, the young lordling always fancied himself a ladies man. To further his ambitious pursuits, his studies turned entirely to charms and enchantments. If he couldn't 'win their hearts with words then those words just needed a little power behind them'...or so he was publicly often overheard proclaiming to the indentured servants in his employ. All that it took was for one of these women to complain to a justicar and so when one did, the trial was swift thought the result was perhaps a bit harsh: Erthas Wyvernspur was to be banished.

Knowing that such gossip would surely finds its way through the social circles of Sembia, the young lordling decided to renew his family's interests in the Turmish cotton plantations. A familial contact located a suitable place on the eastside of Starmantle Bay in the coastal town of Telpir. Preparations were made quickly and in short time a large cog loaded with supplies and goods was readied for travel. In need of labor, Erthas called your debts due. All that was required was one year of work on the plantation and after that? Erthas agreed to pay your fare to travel anywhere in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The road ahead would be limitless!

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