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I'm constantly tinkering and experimenting with new house rules for D&D 3.5e. I've got a fairly extensive set of house rules up now that I'd like to try using in a short game. Here are the basics:

  • Gestalt: You gain two classes at each level, taking the best of what each has to offer.
  • E6: The advancement ceiling for this game is 6th level; after that, you just gain bonus feats instead of more levels.
  • Prestige: Prestige classes have no prerequisites (with some limits).

The game forum has a lot of material on it, but I mostly want to focus on the three threads from the Main ThreadGroup for now. I'm not planning to delve too deeply into my custom setting at the moment, but I want to use a few of the main principles:
  1. There are no gods in this game: people worship ineffable spirits of various types.
  2. There are no other Planes: just a Material World and a Spirit World. The Spirit World comprises all the main functions of the various Planes in standard D&D settings, so this should have minimal mechanical effects.
  3. Strictly "high fantasy": no gunpowder and no clockwork machines.

The general principle of what I'm doing is that I want to support good roleplay and storytelling, and that works best when players are able to build the characters they want. So, I want to maximize my players' access to options, so they can be more free to play exactly what they want to play. But, I also don't want the game to become a minmaxers' club where everything is all about synergizing options for more power.

I'm hoping to find players who are interested in using a liberal gameplay variant like this to make characters more interesting and unique. I'm not looking for high optimization or powergamers, but I am looking for tinkerers and customizers to run a couple quick playtest adventures with a restricted set of rules (notably, I'm just asking for human PCs right now).

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