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Your characters have all been charged and convicted of a crime and sentenced through random selection to fight in the battle arena. You have all been thrown together as a team to fight together and will soon be pit in your first public battle.
The law at this time is fickle at best and many arrests are made not only without just cause, but occasionally without any cause at all. But they can do pretty much anything they want because they serve an insane and extremely powerful galactic dictator.

Technology for the masses is extremely limited. Every god has a number of 'privileged' individuals who have been given the freedom to do as they please (so it seems anyways - in reality they are also governed very strictly), but for the masses a great number of rules have been put into place. A few are as follows:

- Interstellar crafts are forbidden to be
though there is public transportation available
privately owned.
- Weapons above
built off of 10 power points
Class 2 are forbidden to be privately owned
- All weapons owned must be registered
- Genetic manipulation in any way other than enhanced natural functions is strictly prohibited
- Training in psionics, magic or other metaphysical paths is strictly prohibited

Of course, all of these rules are broken in secret and, for one who knows where to look, all can be found.

This story will have a fairly railroaded plot, so be prepared for that. As such, the first 'milestone' in the story will be the lot of you escaping from the arena.In a distant galaxy, in the distant future, all is changed. Thousands of planets have been populated by trillions upon trillions of people, spread to all twelve arms of the galaxy. Cities have sprung up the size of planets, space stations have been built the size of moons and weapons have been developed that have the power to destroy stars. But beyond this, it has become common place in this empire to modify the genetic code of unborn children, to grant them unnatural advantages in the rat-race which spans 20,000 parsecs.

The galaxy is not free, however. It is divided among several different empires, all coexisting peacefully with one another, though there is great chaos within each of them. These empires are all ruled by dictators with untold power who call themselves Gods. The gods oppress their subjects in their search for even greater power than they already have, making it a game to see which god could amass the most wealth and power. It is said that some of them have even learned how to increase their power by eating stars.

Our story does not involve these gods, however, at least not directly. This is a story of a band of criminals, condemned to fight for sport in the battle arenas until the day they die. Some would call it an honour to have their strength tested in front of trillions. For this band, however, it is not only unwelcome but it will also be short lived - for these few gladiators will not be fighting in the arena for very long...

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