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Eberron - Age of Uprising

115 years after the peace brought by the Day of Mourning things in Khorvire appear stable. At least between nations.

Nations rise on the shoulders of their workers, however, and acrossed most of the continent the workers are not well cared for. Tension between the nobles of the Houses and the workers have been steadily growing, each nation seeking to dominate the others through economic means.

This was all fine, until the uprising.Sharn, City of Towers. Like mighty trees the towers rise from the ground, arches and skyways branching out from the central trunks to connect and support one another. Just like mighty trees the roots of the towers run deep into the earth, passagesways gnarled and twisted, flowing with the material that keeps the city alive, and crawling with things best left buried.

It started as another minor protest by the workers of Foundry 243, a small Cannith compound that specialized in making lenses. The strike began as a protest because the demand for their specialized products had grown too quickly and most of the craftsmen were working two or even three shifts. Phillip d'Cannith III however, a minor member of the House, saw things differently arguing that they were being paid, and well, for their extra work and that more personell were not needed. When the negotiations broke down, Phillip closed the foundry, placing golems at the doors and forbidding the entrance of anyone.

One week later, crates of lenses began once more to flow from the plant, though no one had entered. The disenfranchised craftsmen descended on the foundry, at first simply picketing. When they still saw no one, and the golems didn't seem to care, things escalated. Deliveries of raw material to the foundry were delayed or hijacked, carts with finished lenses began being assaulted. The guardian golems themselves were pelted with paint and all sorts of refuse.

Meanwhile word of the foundry operating by itself spread to the others. The murmer of dissention rose to a roar, more and more workers joining the continual strike that enveloped not just Foundry 243, but swelled to the surrounding district as well.

In the upper-most towers of Sharn, amid the gleaming marble and glass of the Cannith council chambers, there was just as much of a storm brewing, even if it was a bit more quiet. Phillip de'Cannith may have been only one of the most minor member of the House, but the charter that gave him control over Foundry 243 was ironclad. As long as the product flowed, he had complete autonomy over it's business. While his demands were being met, even accounting for product lost to the strikers, the other shops Cannith and not alike, were beginning to be affected.

Throughout Sharn, the City Watch was being posted at the known entrances and exits from the Cogs, all shipments and people searched. Acts of vandalism and theft growing, both is scale and severity. Most of it was directed toward Cannith, but all were feeling the effects.

Deep under the towers and far from the light however, still the protest raged. Workers hurled insults and increasingly damaging objects at the golems, their once gleaming surfaces now covered in refuse and small dents and scratches from countless rocks and rubble thrown at them. Finally, one moved.

Like a spark in a drought-stricken field the fire of riot flared, burning through the tunnels and warrens under Sharn and up into the streets. As if waiting for that cue, explosions and more riots began, the beleaguard Watch unable to do much more than hold people back at best, dragged down beneath the surge of violence in most.

Acting quickly the City Council drew together the greatest mages in the city and completed a ritual that sealed the Cogs from the surface. With the heart of the riot sealed away those above ground were quickly rounded up. Most of them forced back through the portals to the impromptu jail that Sharn now sat upon.

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